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Orinayo Odubawo


Orinayo is a project management and marketing coordination professional


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Meet Orinayo, a highly skilled and experienced professional with a background in architecture and a passion for fashion, art, music, and film. Orinayo has proven to be a valuable asset to any team with over four years of experience in project management and marketing coordination.

Orinayo graduated from University of Lagos with a Bachelor of Architecture and began their career as an architect, working on a variety of residential, commercial, and public projects. However, Orinayo has always had a strong interest in the creative industries and eventually decided to shift their focus to project management and marketing coordination.

Since then, Orinayo has been involved in various projects in fashion, art, music, and film, helping to realize creative ideas and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. Orinayo is an efficient and effective project manager due to their strong ability to multitask and prioritize tasks.

In addition to their project management and marketing coordination skills, Orinayo also brings a unique perspective to their work thanks to their background in architecture. They are able to think critically and creatively, bringing a fresh perspective to problem-solving and finding innovative solutions.

Overall, Orinayo is a talented and dedicated professional with a passion for the creative industries and a proven track record of success in project management and marketing coordination. They are a valuable asset to any team and are always looking for new opportunities to grow and learn.



Marketing Coordinator

art x collective

Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 (2 months)

I joined the art x team to help with marketing. I focused mainly on sponsor relations

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