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Kyllon Roi Pontillas


I am a certified Social Media Specialist. Expert in Graphic Design, Copywriting, and Video Editing.


What I'm looking for

What I'm looking for in a job is a match to my skillsets wherein I can showcase what I can do for the company and at the same time develop myself professionally. Upskill and dominate the field I'm in through various resources and together with colleagues that manifests the same goals as I have.
Building up my career means a lot to me, therefore working on a competitive environment helps me grow.

I am a Freelancer in social media managing, graphic design, video editing, and business managing who has 5 years of experience in scheduling consultations between sales staff and prospective clients, ensuring booked meetings for sales, assisting prospects with inquiries and complaints, guaranteeing retention to patrons, and provide further administrative services, such as travel arrangements, social media marketing, content writing and managing email accounts.
Seeking to be a remote webmaster and competitive freelancer with my expertise in content creation via articulate writing, and video editing on par with current technologies and trends and focus on engagements and sales thru the management of social media platforms.


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