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I'm an American, based in Rome, Italy. I'm a US Navy veteran with an MBA.


What I'm looking for

I'm a Jack-of-many-trades. Most of my career has focused on data analysis and project mgmt, but I am open to writing, editing, running team meetings, product analysis, and I have done some marketing.

I am looking for part time work I can do from home. I am a stay at home father with 4-6 hours per day to dedicate to helping a team in any way I can. I have 10 years of experience remote working.

I'm looking for part time remote work in English that I can complete in Italy. I have over ten years experience of working remotely with teams in different time zones.

I have a BS in Biology and an MBA from UCSD Rady School of Management.

I was a Helicopter pilot for the US Navy. After my Naval career, I became a consultant focused primarily on DATA ANALYSIS. I have experience in TECHNICAL WRITING AND EDITING. I have MANAGED small offices, created and led education, training, and budget reporting projects, and oversaw the successful execution of an urgent/unplanned engineering project, keeping it on budget and with timely execution for our customers.

I have FOUNDED and OWNED my own small business and have worked for two technology START-UPS, which have given me valuable experience in STRATEGY and MARKETING.

I have created weekly data reports, company newsletters, and created team based milestone trackers, used in daily remote team coordination meetings. I would estimate my MS OFFICE experience as a 6/10.


Sprint telecomm logoST

Sr. Engineer

Sprint telecomm

Feb 2014 - Dec 2015 (1 year 10 months)

I joined a national network engineering team as a cross functional team and project manager. I quickly integrated into a new field while managing multiple projects, concurrently.
I oversaw the implementation and budget of an urgent $25M engineering fix across multiple states, remaining on time and budget.
This role was 100% remote with a 15 member team spread across the US.

GreenBuoy, LLC  logoGL

Owner/Operator (Seller on Amazon.com)

GreenBuoy, LLC

Aug 2013 - Mar 2014 (7 months)

I created an LLC to import and sell consumer home products on Amazon. I chose the products, purchased them from suppliers through Alibaba.com, designed, wrote, and optimized the product pages on Amazon.com.
My most successful product was a battery powered tea light. I was the #2 seller of tea lights on Amazon.com for the month of Oct. 2013.
I ended this LLC after accepting my role at Sprint.

Booz Allen Hamilton logoBH

Sr. Consultant

Booz Allen Hamilton

Nov 2008 - Sep 2013 (4 years 10 months)

I consulted on two main projects. First was a continuation of my work in the Navy, managing and implementing the primary training and readiness system for Naval Aviation. I was a project manager for aircraft maintenance analytics.
My second was completing a total rewrite/edit of a cost plan tech doc for a $30 Mil acquisition program, incl cross functional team planning and milestone reviews.

US Navy logoUN

Naval Aviator

US Navy

Dec 1999 - Oct 2008 (8 years 10 months)

I was an Officer and Seahawk Helicopter pilot for the US Navy. I had was deployed twice earning a Strike Air Medal in 2005 for flying combat missions in Iraq. My other experiences included managing groups from 3 to 20 people, incl. career dev. and perf review. I managed and helped design and implement an improved, primary training and operational readiness system for all of Naval Aviation.

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