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experienced and results-driven HR professional with three years of expertise


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Experienced and results-driven HR professional with three years of expertise in managing various HR functions. Skilled in ensuringcompliance with labor laws and regulations while effectively managing payroll processes. Proven track record of implementingperformance management programs to boost employee productivity and engagement. Proficient in conducting disciplinary procedures,onboarding new employees, and managing employee exits. Possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, fostering positive relationshipswith stakeholders. Excellent communicator with a talent for conveying complex information clearly. Proactive problem-solver with strongdecision-making abilities. Seeking a challenging HR role to utilize skills and contribute to an organization's success by managing humancapital, fostering a positive work environment, and implementing strategic HR initiatives. Seeking a challenging hr role where i canutilize my skills and expertise to contribute to an organization's success


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Human Resource Assistant

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Recruitment and Selection: Assist in the recruitment and selection process by posting job vacancies, screening resumes,coordinating interviews, conducting background checks, and assisting in the final selection of candidates.
Onboarding and Orientation: Facilitate the onboarding process for new employees, which involves coordinating paperwork,conducting orientation sessions, explaining company pol

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