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Ahmed Ghalib


Experienced petroleum engineer with diverse skills in translation, transcription, and data entry.


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I am looking for a job that allows me to utilize my diverse skills and experience. I am particularly interested in roles that involve translation, transcription, copywriting, data entry, and virtual assistance. I value a company culture that promotes teamwork, flexibility, and quality interpersonal communication. I am skilled at interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

I am a highly skilled petroleum engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Kirkuk. Throughout my career, I have gained experience in various roles, including translator, transcriptionist, copywriter, data entry specialist, and virtual assistant. As a petroleum engineer, I have supervised manufacturing processes, developed plans to improve production, diagnosed problems in the production line, and established safety procedures that prioritize worker well-being and minimize the carbon footprint.

In my role as an administrator and office manager at CRC (ACTED/French), I contributed to the development of collaborative response plans for humanitarian and recovery/stabilization interventions. I assessed the needs of the community, participated in coordination forums, and supported multi-sectorial coordination among actors and the government. At INTERSOS/Italy, I strengthened logistics capacity, managed procurement and warehouse operations, and supported field operations. As an admin and finance assistant at ACTED/French, I was responsible for petty cash administration, financial reporting, and fixed asset management. Additionally, I worked as a cashier at ACTED/French, handling payments, managing cash, and ensuring compliance with financial processes. At MSF/Spanish, I served as a Community Mental Health Worker, conducting structured and unstructured activities to meet the psycho-social needs of beneficiaries.



CMHW (Community Mental Health Worker)

Conducted structured and unstructured activities for beneficiaries, prepared for psycho-social support activities, conducted recreational activities, supported vocational and skill trainings, monitored beneficiaries' progress, completed additional tasks.

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