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About us

WayBetter is the rare business with a true double bottom line: we succeed when our players do.

We’ve raised over $5M from fellow entrepreneurs but no venture capital. Not having VCs and generating real revenue means we control our destiny. We get to build the kind of company we’re excited about, one with enduring merit and lots of happy customers. Indeed, our best source of new customers is the 400,0000 people who have played our games.

We’ve figured out a motivational system that works and we’re excited to change the way people lose weight, stay active, exercise, sleep, quit smoking, and adopt healthier habits.

Ready to play a central role in a successful startup that’s taking off? Congratulations, your timing's ideal! We’re rebuilding our tech stack from scratch and launching cool new games in 2018.

The WayBetter Way

What makes our games so uniquely effective? Motivation. Accountability. Community. It’s all based on science. We’ve teamed up with researchers at Brown Medical School to apply the latest findings in behavioral economics, gamification, and peer support.

To put it another way: we make it fun to set goals and stick to them. #LiveWayBetter

A WayBetter World

What started out as a social weight-loss game has blossomed into a goal-oriented social network with nearly a million people who have bet on themselves. Along the way, we've worked with the most well-known innovators in health and wellness, including Jillian Michaels, Tim Ferriss, Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Chris & Heidi Powell, plus hundreds of others.

A WayBetter Company

Have you ever liked a product so much that you wanted to work at the company that makes it? We know that feeling well ... half our employees started as WayBetter players with no intention of ever working for the company (we post jobs in our game feeds). Hiring our customers has led to a unique culture: a diverse team where everyone gets what we’re all about and is passionate about helping others succeed. We relate to our customers because we are our customers!

Working at WayBetter is a labor of love. If you believe in our mission as much as we do, join us!

Want to know more? Meet some of the players who became our WayBetter family.
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