About is the AI (artificial intelligence) platform for accounting firms and enterprise finance departments. This machine learning and cloud automation technology has already been trained on over 100 million live accounting documents and transactions. 

Already surpassing human-level accuracy for many tasks, helps accountants, CFOs, controllers, and accounts payable (AP) teams become more efficient and reduce errors on routine tasks such as invoice processing, approval workflows, and electronic payment processing.

CPA firms can leverage their human workforce for cognitive tasks, while AI takes care of repetitive tasks, driving dramatic cost savings and profit margin improvements. This helps public accounting firms create balanced employee workloads during tax season, be more flexible, and protect against new business model threats.

CFOs and controllers from high-growth enterprise finance teams use to keep headcount under control, increase security, and reduce costly errors due to poor internal controls. By automatically entering invoices into accounting systems for human review, this changes the AP person’s workflow from data input to reviewing the AI.

Many accounting-, audit-, banking-, payroll-, and tax-related tasks are becoming fully-automated with AI and machine learning. The accounting industry is being challenged in ways in which it has never seen during the past 500 years.

Due to its disruptive nature, is venture backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley (including Cowboy Ventures) and already helps industry leaders like PWC, KPMG, BDO, as well as many mid-sized firms.

Early adopters of AI will have a significant market advantage going forward. Is your firm prepared? And are you truly ready for competitive battles with more tech-savvy firms? Or is your team in danger of falling behind?

Find out when you schedule your complimentary consultation with a automation expert at the URL on this profile.

  • Vic Vision: We have developed proprietary language independent document interpretation technology based on computer vision and object- based image classification.

  • Vic Brain: The main system automates bookkeeping using our highly effective Deep Neural Networks trained on more than 100 million real accounting transactions.

  • Cloud API: Our API connectors allow inflow of data from various systems like Payroll, Expenses, HR Systems and Bank, while our output API's ensure the data is correctly placed into your Accounting system.

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Metabase, Amazon EC2, GitHub, CircleCI, and Travis CI are some of the popular tools that uses. Learn more about the Analytics, Application Hosting, and Development in's Tech Stack.


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