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About us

Transloadit is a media processing service for developers. Companies integrate with us to automate workflows of video encoding, image resizing, and much more.

Transloadit was bootstrapped in 2009 by three ambitious engineers hailing from Berlin and Amsterdam.

Since we met through open source and had to work remotely from day one, these things are deeply ingrained as values in our company’s culture and DNA. To this day, we are remote-only, and 80% of our revenue is spent on open source development and fostering its communities. Our open-source projects (Tus and Uppy) are changing how the world does file uploading.

As a teammate, you’ll find that open, remote, friendly, and curious are words that describe our company’s culture well. Much of our focus is on employee satisfaction. As we see it, this is what allows us to create the best products. Along with our guiding principles of secure, robust, performant, and versatile, this has paid off in uptime and customer satisfaction over the past eleven years.

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