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Business Development Lead

Reflexer Labs is building RAI, a real stablecoin that does not have a fixed peg to any particular value.

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150k-175k USD

Reflexer Labs is building RAI, a real stablecoin that does not have a fixed peg to any particular value. We are decentralized money fanatics on a mission to create a stable and secure foundation for the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. Our objective for RAI is to be a widely used collateral type for other DeFi projects, including crypto-dollars. By imbuing RAI with autonomy and minimizing governance, we aspire to build a financial system that outlives us—a money god.

Who you are

Reflexer Labs is a young startup, so we’re looking for someone who’s willing to get their hands dirty and occasionally go above and beyond what their job description says on paper. Our ideal candidate is:

  • DeFi enthusiast, familiar with MakerDAO

  • Independent, organized, and accountable

  • DAO fanatic

  • DeFi power user

  • Security-minded

  • A team player

Pro Tip

Tell us about a specific project where you managed to get a significant integration. What process did you apply? Did you have to discuss with a community and present them the advantages of your solution?


  • Keep in touch with DeFi protocols where they can integrate RAI

  • Present RAI's advantages DAOs that would like to diversify their treasuries

  • Come up with new ideas and potential integrations each week and lay out a plan to reach out to them

  • Handle the listing process for RAI on various centralized exchanges

  • Document and present your progress to the community in various announcements on our socials (Discord, Twitter etc)

  • Lead the effort to integrate RAI as a payment solution in Argentina and Brazil


  • Experience working in DAOs, ideally as an integrations/business dev

  • 2 years prior experience as a business developer

  • Familiarity with DeFi

  • (Optional) existing network of people leading other projects that can integrate RAI


Salary compensation is expected to be slightly below market rate with long-term incentive alignment coming from vesting allocation.

  • $150-175K+ per year

  • 0.15-0.35% equity


If you'd like to reach out directly to the team, join the Reflexer Discord.

About this role

February 11th, 2022

January 12th, 2022

Full Time

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150k-175k USD

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About Reflexer Labs

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We are building RAI, the first non-pegged, stable asset which is only backed by ETH.

We believe Ethereum needs its own native, stable unit of account that is independent from fiat. We’re on a mission to build that.

Reflexer Labs is a distributed team building open-source software and on-chain autonomous controllers for the decentralized finance ecosystem.

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Stefan Ionescu

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Reflexer Labs is hiring Business Development Lead and DAO Operations Lead.

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Reflexer Labs



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Reflexer Labs



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150k-175k USD

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