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Pursuit is where you find outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, backcountry skiing, scuba diving, etc. Pursuit simplifies your search, vetting, and booking of private land, instruction, and equipment for these complex sports. Pursuit allows landowners, guides, and outfitters to build outdoor businesses by selling their skills and assets directly to you.

Who Are Pursuit’s Customers?

Pursuit is for those who know there is more to squeeze out of life... those that seek the freedom that wide open spaces and knowledge provide... those that understand that our lives are better when we’re pursuing something or some objective. Pursuit customers respect the land, animals, and people that offer meat for our tables, beauty for our lives, and challenges worth overcoming. Pursuit customers don’t want to just “experience” nature... they want to be part of it.

How Does Pursuit Work?

Pursuit connects those that feel the call to push into the unknown to guides that know the beauty which lies beyond and to landowners that hold the keys to locked gates. Pursuit simplifies for you the complexity (education requirements, tags, licenses, safety requirements, etc.) and consolidates your search into one spot so you can book the various activities you want on private or public land. Pursuit offers guides, landowners, and outfitters a turnkey solution (risk mitigation, pricing, advertising, collection, rule setting, etc.) for building and growing their income. Pursuit allows landowners a passive cash stream based on a network of trust. Pursuit makes it easy for guides to set their own schedules, work across geographies and sports, and make more money for the tremendous value they create for customers. Pursuit helps outfitters sell their services and rent their equipment.

Why Do These Sports Matter?

People protect and champion what they love, and there is no better way to fall in love than to experience something first hand. These sports matter because they propel our understanding and challenge our limits. No matter what walk of life, where you’re from, or how you vote, Pursuit is here to connect you to the natural world. We invite everyone to join us and to forge a relationship with great teachers, the wild, and what lies beyond...

Private Land

Pursuit believes that all land is a gift. Public land is meant to be enjoyed by all. Private land is entrusted to stewards that have the right to offer their spaces to whomever they choose. Public land is beautiful but often overused, so Pursuit looks to relieve that pressure by giving landowners a network they can trust to offer their land for public enjoyment. Amid increased urbanization and a widening gap between city and rural folks, Pursuit offers rural communities a platform to build their own economic engines around private land, form relationships with urbanites, and have their opinions heard.


Pursuit encourages fair chase hunting, using (or donating) the whole animal, and appreciating that all meat (grocery store products included!) was once a living animal. Everyone should have the experience (at least once) of looking food in the eye before enjoying it as a meal. Hunting done well makes us more appreciative, aware, and independent. Think yoga... but with beautiful backdrops, animals, and healthy food when you’re done!

Women of the Outdoors

Women hunt. Women fish. Women climb. Women ski... and many are leaders in these sports and should be empowered to share their skills and teach others! Women sometimes feel more comfortable going outdoors with other women, and Pursuit supports that perspective. By celebrating the women of the outdoors, Pursuit helps more people get outside and increases access to these sports.

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