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Pitstop (Techstars Mobility'15) is a venture-backed company headquartered in Toronto, ON. At Pitstop we are developing a software platform that aggregates data and uses machine learning to predict vehicle issues before they happen. At its core, we envision Pitstop to be the most trusted, transparent, and convenient way of maintaining vehicles today.

Maintenance today is reactive, when an issue happens that’s when we service our vehicles. The process of maintaining these vehicles is time-consuming and expensive. This is because the data required to diagnose, repair, and maintain the vehicle is fragmented amongst Service Centers, OEMs, and Online Databases.

Pitstop aggregates data from key sources to drive predictive insights on failures including the emission control system, powertrain, vehicle recalls, and recurring maintenance issues. We sell and license our platform to Service Centres (increase service revenues), Fleets (reduce vehicle downtime), and OEMs (improve brand value).

Learn about the technology and tools that Pitstop uses.

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Pitstop's tech stack

Google Tag Manager, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon S3 are some of the popular tools that Pitstop uses. Learn more about the Analytics, Application Utilities, Application Hosting, Monitoring, and Data Stores in Pitstop's Tech Stack.


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