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API for on-street parking availability.

Ai Incube's Parknav is an API for on-street parking availability. It has highest precision in market, and launched in a number of top brand automotive, telecom, mobility, and smart-cities. Its service now covers 1000+ cities in North America and Europe.

Parknav uses artificial intelligence to know where there is open on-street parking in real-time. It is the only scalable solution that covers every street in a city, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all types of on-street parking (free, metered and permit).

Parknav's solution offers easy integration and outstanding performance for automotive OEMs, fleet management companies, telematics solutions and location based services.

Parknav is currently available in 240 cities across both the United States and Europe with many more cities and regions soon to come.

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