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Hello! We make Octopus Deploy. Our mission is to make deployment time a happy time.

Teams build better software when they can iterate quickly and get feedback from real users, which means deploying changes to production. We also know that production deployments can be complex, risky and scary, which means teams tend to put them off, compounding the problem.

Since starting, we've helped over thousands of software teams to automate their deployments, and to make deployment something teams can look forward to.

Our story & focus

Octopus Deploy is a bootstrapped, profitable and conservatively-managed company, with a focus on engineering and customer service. Our goal isn't to solve everything related to DevOps, but to focus specifically on being "best-in-class" in the release, deployment and operations parts of DevOps. We hope you'll combine Octopus with other best-in-class solutions to build a world-class DevOps capability.

Octopus Deploy began as a spare time project in 2010, based on our experiences with the difficulty of deploying software and delivering projects when consulting to enterprises and mid-sized companies. Initially, our focus was on deploying .NET applications to Windows-based servers.

As our customers grew, we found ourselves being asked to solve more complex types of deployments, which we've focussed on: we don't think it's a stretch to say that if your deployment is very complicated, Octopus is more likely to be able to solve it elegantly than any other deployment software can.

Recently, we've branched out a little, first into release management - where customers have been asking us for a long time to help solve all of the orchestration and co-ordination problems they face - and more recently into operations, as we saw that many companies were using Octopus not just to deploy software, but to automate all of the steps associated with keeping the software running.

We'll keep you updated when the best new remote jobs pop up.

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