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We’re looking for an experienced and reliable engineer who possesses a solid mixture of DevOps and back-end skills to join our remote team and help build high quality products and tools. You should have plenty of experience in setting up secure application servers, developing back-end systems, administering cloud based platforms, designing efficient deploy flows, working together within a team of experienced app developers and finding satisfaction in developing well-oiled and reliable back-end systems.

If you are a positive-oriented hacker who does not fit the traditional internet company structure, this job might be the right fit for you. We are not looking for someone who regularly switches companies, or who is only here for a huge salary. Our mission is to develop a strong team that shares our values of personal growth, education, compassion and true friendship. 

Collectively, we want to bring forward-thinking and innovative solutions to the world. We are a bootstrapped company that believes the future belongs to smaller companies that don’t subscribe to the 9-to-5 corpo way of doing things. We believe that the Silicon Valley era is over, and we are building a business which allows us to enjoy the freedom of working remotely where each of us has the autonomy and flexibility to have a high impact on the world with our work.

Job requirements:

  • Solid Linux knowledge: setting up replicable environments, firewalls and secure user accesses
  • Experience with server provisioning scripts, e.g. Chef, Ansible, ..
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Ability to implement failovers, load balancing and taking care of site reliability for a fleet of servers and services,
  • Solid understanding of the network stack and TCP/IP protocol,
  • Advanced programming skills in at least a couple of the following programming languages: Ruby, bash, Elixir, Go, Rust, JavaScript, C,
  • Solid knowledge of relational databases, especially PostgreSQL,
  • Fluent English, clear and effective daily communication with the team,
  • Obsessive documenting of solutions in a clear and concise language,
  • Experience implementing back-end web applications, preferably in Ruby.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with back-end web development (preferably in Elixir, Ruby on Rails, Go, C),
  • Experience with Serverless and Lambda,
  • Experience with message queues and streaming platforms, such as Kafka,
  • Experience with high volume processing, data pipelines and MapReduce patterns.

What is it going to look like:

  • Working in a progressive-oriented small distributed team of highly skilled developers,
  • Flexible working hours - choose your own schedule,
  • Daily communication and updates in Slack,
  • Two weekly conference calls for updates and planning,
  • Performing planned work using Kanban methodology,
  • Maintaining existing systems using technologies like Linux, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, AWS (S3, EC2, CloudFront,…), Ruby on Rails, Go,
  • Working on a major ongoing architecture overhaul that affects statistics aggregation part, transitioning from uncached relational DB querying to a scalable streaming architecture using Kafka and ClickHouse.

To apply, please provide us with your recent CV and at least with some of the following:

  • Contributions to open source,
  • Cool projects that you created and are proud of that you can walk us through,
  • A decent portfolio of experiments or other material that shows a significant level of caring about your craft.
Interested? Tell us about yourself, why you'd like to join, and how your daily work routine looks like.

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November 3rd, 2021

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October 1st, 2020

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