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    3DPrinterOS has developed the world’s first operating system for desktop 3D Printers. Almost identical to the early days of the computer, where Microsoft provided the operating system for the first IBM PC in 1981. 3DPrinterOS now powers Bosch Dremel 3D Printers which are readily available for sales worldwide and at local stores like Home Depot and Amazon. The easy to use cloud OS platform disrupts the fragmentation in the industry by supporting the most 3D Printers vs.

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    Cesanta develops and distributes embedded software and cloud services with a focus on connected products and the Internet of Things. Our products include: Mongoose OS - an open-source operating system for low-power microcontrollers (mongoose-os. com). mDash - an IoT cloud service (mdash. net). Mongoose Web Server - an embedded web server and networking library. VCON. io - Arduino-compatible boards with built-in firmware OTA updates and management dashboard.

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