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    Glofox is enabling fitness entrepreneurs to build successful, growing businesses and improving worldwide health and wellbeing Founded by Fitness Entrepeneurs for Fitness Entrepeneurs Our founders Conor, Finn, and Anthony founded Glofox in 2014 to support an industry they saw huge potential in - boutique, group-focused fitness studios and gyms, who know that having a strong brand and a focus on community are important factors to keeping happy and engaged members and growing your business.

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    Equip is a virtual, collaborative-care eating disorder clinic enabling everyone with an eating disorder to recover in their own home, at a lower cost to their families and insurers. Our comprehensive approach combines evidence-based treatment with the wisdom of people who’ve been there. Equip supports each patient with a dedicated, multidisciplinary clinical team, providing best-in-class coordinated medical and behavioral treatment, enhanced with patient and family peer support, through our secure telehealth platform.

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