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    Ahrefs runs an internet-scale bot that crawls the whole web 24/7, storing huge volumes of information to be indexed and structured in a timely fashion. Our backend system is powered by a custom petabyte-scale distributed key-value storage to accommodate all that data coming in at high speed. With this data, Ahrefs builds analytics services for end-users in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) space and a web-scale search platform.

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    Automatically make more sales with AI-powered repricing. Informed Software is a competitive repricing platform that helps online businesses drive profits using smart algorithms and actionable insights. As the premium repricing platform for third-party sellers on Amazon and Walmart, we’ve positioned ourselves as the most dependable and robust platform out there for professional sellers and we’re now looking to expand upmarket.

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    UserTesting is the fastest and most advanced user experience testing platform on the market. The company gives marketers, product managers, and UX designers on-demand access to people in their target audience who deliver audio, video, and written feedback on websites, mobile apps, prototypes, and even physical products and locations.

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