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Site Reliability Engineer

Lightstep enables teams to detect and resolve regressions quickly, regardless of system scale or complexity.




Lightstep enables teams to detect and resolve regressions quickly, regardless of system scale or complexity. We integrate seamlessly into daily workflows, whether you are proactively optimizing performance or investigating a root cause so you can quickly get back to building features. We continue to grow our talented, low-ego, team! We believe that we should always align our actions toward a common purpose, that trust is paramount and must be cultivated, that the most valuable team members multiply rather than add, and that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously (except when we’re writing way-too-long sentences about our values). We believe that assembling and retaining an inclusive and diverse team is the best way to grow a successful company.

We created Lightstep because we understand the massive architectural transformation underway in the software industry, and we saw an opportunity to accelerate it, all while improving the quality of the developer and end-user experience. While we learned a great deal from our experiences building Dapper (Google’s distributed tracing solution) and Monarch (Google’s high-availability metrics solution), Lightstep is in many ways a reaction to and a generational improvement beyond those approaches. Our story as individuals and as a company revolves around continuous learning, careful listening, and the belief that these fundamentally new software architectures require fundamentally new solutions.

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our development cycle and product reliability, while working closely with our other engineers. We're looking for someone excited to join a growing team that writes efficient, maintainable code for a standout product used every day by engineers at Lyft, Twilio, and more.

You’d be a great addition if…

  • You enjoy digging deep into fundamentally challenging CS and engineering problems.

  • You’re motivated by high-impact projects, whether they’re open-ended questions or immediate practical needs, that affect a business's bottom line.

  • You have knowledge of scalable production architectures.

  • You have built automation for streamlining deployments, CI/CD.

  • You are excited to optimize the developer experience.

  • You may have a particular area of expertise, but are still excited to explore new areas (and want to work with a team that encourages you to do so).

  • You value EQ as much as, if not more than, IQ in your teammates.

  • You’ve worked on (and/or have a lot of curiosity about) large-scale distributed systems, performance, security, and microservice-based architectures.

  • You're excited about serving the engineering team that developers at dozens of companies rely on for 5 9's and firefighting!

Bonus points if…

  • You've held a tech lead position in the past and enjoy coordinating with others to ensure complex engineering projects are done well.

  • You have experience with Kubernetes, Docker, Golang, GCP/AWS.

  • You have experience with network engineering and traffic management.

  • You have done capacity planning and incident management.

  • You contribute to open source projects, enjoy giving talks, and/or do community-building work.

  • You have mentored more junior developers, interns, or teammates in a lasting and impactful manner. 

Lightstep is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation.

About this role

February 12th, 2022

July 22nd, 2021

Full Time

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About LightStep

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Lightstep delivers unified observability with visibility across multi-layered architecture.

Internet services are in the midst of a sea change: monolithic applications have been split into lean and modular microservices. With this evolution, teams move faster and applications scale more easily.

But visibility into the production stack has suffered. Teams need to reconsider how they do everything from latency monitoring, alerting, and distributed debugging to resource accounting, security audits, and policy enforcement.

LightStep is rethinking observability in the emerging world of microservices and high concurrency. Our first product enables developers and devops to trace individual requests through complex systems with incredibly high fidelity.

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