About IOHK

Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is one of the world's pre-eminent blockchain infrastructure research and engineering companies. We are a fully decentralised remote working organisation committed to the highest principles of academic rigour and evidence-based software development. The company builds high-assurance blockchain infrastructure solutions for public, private sector and government clients. It is also the driving force behind the decentralised and smart contract platform, Cardano.

Cascading disruption

It is the founding principle of IOHK. Cascading disruption is the idea that most of the structures that form the world’s financial, governance and social systems are inherently unstable and thus minor perturbations can cause a ripple effect that fundamentally reconfigures the entire system. Our company is committed to identifying and developing technology to force these perturbations in order to push towards a more fair and transparent order.

The mission of IOHK

We view the world as a series of giant and mostly interconnected social graphs with hundreds of complex systems embedded. Our mission is to perturb the graphs to a more connected, transparent and fair configuration for both the flow of ideas and value.

Input Output the company

IOHK is a truly global organisation with a remote team of 400+ people across 50+ countries. We have a rich culture with people from all over the world offering different skillsets, different cultural perspectives and at different life stages.

Tech stack

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Benefits and perks

Learn about the benefits and perks that IOHK provides.

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Professional development

IO Global offers specialised learning platforms & extensive internal content for continued learning, up-skilling, and development.

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Generous vacation

All of our full-time employees and service providers receive a minimum of 4 weeks PTO a year.

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Laptop reimbursement

All colleagues are eligible to have a laptop purchase reimbursed up to $2,000.

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Flexible work schedule

As a global, distributed company, colleagues can work to a flexible schedule.

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