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Focusing on the highest code and service quality, we build complex e-commerce solutions based mainly on the Magento platform, but with our mindset on innovation. We are convinced Headless and Microservice technology are the future of e-commerce. Where others stayed on the safe trail, we took a dive into the deep to develop what we believe in. And with success – building the first Magento PWA, 2 years ahead of our competition.

Thriving to provide our clients with the best services, we ensure that our developers constantly expand their knowledge on the newest technologies and are Magento certified.

Our main office, the HQ, is located in Krakow, Poland. This is our “developers lair” where you can meet the majority of our developers. Krakow is where the Hatimeria adventure started in 2011 and is still the place from where we help e-commerce business all over the world to grow exponentially.

When you visit us, Monika will happily show you around the office! If you would like to see our beautiful historic city, we can even help with that.

Hatimeria was founded in 2010 by Bartosz and Michal, two team leaders who have been working in e-commerce for years. They had a vision on how to improve e-commerce development processes: by bringing development and businesses closer to each other. With their love for the code, but their brains on the business side, they decided to go for it. Together with their best friend and dear colleague Witold they moved to Krakow and from a small office started to share their vision with other businesses.

Within a few weeks Hatimeria started to grow, hiring more and more people, and eventually moving to a bigger office, Hatimeria became what it is today: A passionate group of e-commerce addicts, located in several countries and with their mind on innovation, serving clients all over the world.

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