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    Focusing on the highest code and service quality, we build complex e-commerce solutions based mainly on the Magento platform, but with our mindset on innovation. We are convinced Headless and Microservice technology are the future of e-commerce. Where others stayed on the safe trail, we took a dive into the deep to develop what we believe in. And with success – building the first Magento PWA, 2 years ahead of our competition.

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    Trellis is a full-service digital agency specializing in eCommerce. We focus on data-driven strategies to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion for industry-leading B2C and B2B brands. Trellis has mastered the leading eCommerce platforms, Magento & Shopify+, and the leading CMS platform, WordPress, in order to help our customers grow online. The learning process never really stops and we continue to learn more about your business as we partner with you on an on going basis.

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