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Glitch employee benefits and perks

Glitch is where everyone can create the web. It's a simple but powerful tool for creating websites and apps, supported by a fun and friendly community of creators—from brand new to expert developers.

Benefits at Glitch

Glitch provides equity benefits, retirement benefits, generous vacation and 8 other employee benefits and perks.

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Paid parental leave

Everyone at Glitch is entitled to take parental leave when a new family member arrives, either by birth, adoption, or foster care. For all parental caregivers who have been with Glitch at least one year, leave is up to sixteen (16) weeks at 100% pay. If you’ve been at Glitch less than a year, your parental leave benefits will be prorated. You’ll receive 2 + (14 * Months of service / 12) weeks.


Adoption assistance

We assist our employees by offering financial assistance in the adoption of a child. We'll reimburse you up to $5,000 to use towards legal expenses, adoption agencies or other adoption professional fees (that amount is prorated if you’ve been at Glitch less than a year). This amount may be a taxable benefit, and the reimbursement will appear on your paycheck after you submit the expense.


Learning and development budget

Glitch employees have $3500 and three (3) conference/education days at their disposal each year. This may be used to cover travel, lodging, fees, and materials for the conference. If you're interested in voluntarily taking a course which will further professional skills directly related to your work, discuss with your manager. If approved, the cost may be reimbursed up to $5,000.

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Generous vacation

We consider vacation time extremely important to your overall happiness and well-being. Each employee accrues 20 vacation days per employment year (25 after you’ve worked at Glitch for 3 years). You can roll over any unused vacation time to the next year and will continue to accrue vacation up to a cap of 30 business days (37.5 business day cap for 3+ year employees).

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Equity benefits

We think it's only fair that our People have a stake in the company's success. So we have a generous stock option plan in which every employee can participate, and we've extended the exercise window as long as possible to give everyone maximum flexibility. New hire equity award grant eligibility varies based on your job and position level.


Part-time after parental leave

After you’ve taken your Parental Leave, you have the option to work half time (20 hours per week) at half pay for up to one year. You can take full advantage of this regardless of how long you’ve been at Glitch. Employees returning from Parental Leave may also work a schedule that does not conform to our usual working hours (flex time).

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Home office budget

Glitch will provide you with necessary equipment for your office. This includes: a comfortable and adjustable chair, a height-adjustable desk, a computer, additional monitors, a headset, a keyboard, a mouse, a laptop stand, a USB hub, and additional cables + A $100/month stipend for office expenses (such as internet, paper, pens, etc.)

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Retirement benefits

We offer a 401(k) plan, which allows you to defer part of your salary today for future use in retirement. We offer a traditional or roth 401(k) plan, and we match 100% of the first 3% of salary you contribute and 50% of the next 2% of your salary that you contribute. Matching happens every pay period on a semi-monthly basis.


Healthcare benefits

We value our people and seek to offer benefits that help each employee bring their best self to work. To that end we provide comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance for eligible staff and their dependents.



After you've been at Glitch for eight years, you're entitled to take a sabbatical! This will be handled on a case by case basis. Come talk to us when you are at this point and we can figure out what works.


Gym & Wellness

Glitch reimburses up to $150 a month (taxes not included) towards the gym or wellness activity of your choice. This benefit is for employees only.

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