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Focal takes the power of self-driving cars and unleashes it to automate and optimize your stores, from inventory management, supply chain management, category management, e-comm management, labor management, and more.

Benefits at Focal Systems

Focal Systems provides healthcare benefits, generous vacation, equity benefits and 2 other employee benefits and perks.

Equity benefits

Equity benefits

Meaningful equity-grants in a very fast growing startup that is aiming for an IPO.

Generous vacation

Generous vacation

We have a generous PTO policy to help encourage work-life balance.

Company retreats

Company retreats

Quarterly team retreats so you can meet everyone in person.

Healthcare benefits

Healthcare benefits

Medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees.

Learning and development budget

Learning and development budget

We offer generous education grants.

Machine Learning
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Francois Chaubard

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Focal Systems is hiring Deep Learning Engineer.

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