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Tricentis Flood wants to help you build faster software, by providing the tools to test your apps under load and gain unique insights into performance bottlenecks.

We're hiring Software Engineers, Support Engineers, Marketing, and Content Writers, reach out to us if you're interested.

About Flood

We're a remote-first team of passionate individuals working together to help organizations create applications they can depend on. We all take pride in being critical to our customers’ software delivery process and are always striving to innovate.

A brief history of Tricentis Flood

Known initially as Flood IO, Flood was founded by Tim Koopmans, Mikel Lindsaar, and Ivan Vanderbyl in 2013. Flood set out to automate the deployment of open-source load testing tools in the cloud to allow performance testers to see results quickly and focus on delivering quality.

Flood was born out of our experience as load testers needing to move from running load tests from our laptops and into the cloud. This created its own challenges managing servers and collecting results. Realizing we weren't the only ones with this problem, so we created Flood.

After a successful few years running load tests with some very successful companies, Flood was acquired by Tricentis in July 2017. Joining the Tricentis family allowed Flood to grow the product offering, adding browser-based load testing with Flood Element, integration with qTest, and on-premise load testing with Flood Agent.

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