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Distru is a 45-person highly technical and customer driven team building a software platform to streamline the supply chain for the cannabis industry.

Benefits at Distru

Distru provides paid vacation, location independent salary, equity benefits and 1 other employee benefits and perks.

Healthcare benefits

Healthcare benefits

Full Medical, Vision and Dental insurance coverage for employee, and 90% for spouse, domestic partner, and any dependent family members.

Equity benefits

Equity benefits

0.05-0.15% in equity with employee-friendly exercise terms and post-termination exercise window

Location independent salary

Location independent salary

No matter where you live, we'll pay you the same salary as someone else in your role.

Paid vacation

Paid vacation

19 work days per year

Number of employees



Blaine Hatab

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Distru is hiring Account Executive, Sales Development Rep, and more.

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