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Datica is the only managed service provider (MSP) that solves two of health IT’s most difficult challenges— integration and cloud compliance. Our expertise provides customers with confidence and infrastructure to scale quickly and securely.

Remove the roadblocks in health IT

EHR integrations and cloud compliance can be a rough ride. As healthcare regulations and industry standards evolve, software developers must navigate the ever-changing terrain while trying to stay focused on core business. Datica removes those roadblocks by providing the most flexible and secure solutions to fast track EHR integration and cloud compliance.

Cloud compliance and EHR integration in the fast Lanl

Our integration solution enables health data exchange from any source, to any destination, in any format—without sacrificing PHI security. Our cloud compliance solution offers flexible, end-to-end managed services to enable robust digital innovation in the cloud with HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification. With our solutions, we put developers back in the driver’s seat so they can focus on what matters most.

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