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Collaborative Drug Discovery's CDD VAULT is a hosted biological and chemical database that securely manages your private and external data. It lets you intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with internal or external partners through and easy to use web interface.     

CDD Vault is a system your entire team can actually use!

CDD Vault is more beneficial to you and your work over existing legacy platforms, for new projects, and for secure collaboration.

Engineered for Ease of Use

CDD Vault allows you to enjoy the benefits of large enterprise systems without the administrative burden or expense.

Modern Cloud Solution Saves Money

CDD Vault is affordable to academic laboratories, research foundations, and small companies.

Fosters Interaction between Chemists and Biologists

CDD Vault provides powerful structure-aware tools for chemists and screening data tools for biologists. Our shared system makes collaboration easy, and pipeline progress quicker.

Beats Juggling Spreadsheets of Screening Data!

Eliminates the Risk of Data Loss

CDD Vault provides a secure environment to collect all your compound and screening data.

Get Better Results from Unified Data

CDD Vault consolidates all your compound and screening data in one place.  This makes analysis easier, more consistent, yielding results more quickly.

Securely Store Experimental Data in a Private Hosted Vault

Data Migration is a Snap

CDD Vault can provide easier access and better management of your existing data too.

Safely Share Data

CDD Vault allows you to selectively share data in real time with your designated researchers in your own lab or across the globe.

Security is Built-In

CDD Vault is protected with SSAE 16 Type II certified cloud storage on locked and guarded hardware.

Learn about the technology and tools that Collaborative Drug Discovery uses.

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Collaborative Drug Discovery's tech stack

CloudFlare, Ruby on Rails, Google Analytics, React, and JavaScript are some of the popular tools that Collaborative Drug Discovery uses. Learn more about the Assets and Media, Languages & Frameworks, Analytics, and Libraries in Collaborative Drug Discovery's Tech Stack.


Application Hosting

Application Utilities

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Front Office

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