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Engineering Manager

Canix is a cannabis ERP software and seed to sale platform for cannabis companies.



Canix (YC S'19) is building the first generation of modern ERP software for the burgeoning cannabis industry. We help our customers overcome daunting compliance regulation, sell more product, cut costs, and optimize their day to day operations from seed to sale.

🧐 Why us

We are the only cannabis company who's won TechCrunch Disrupt - but what we're even more proud of is the trust and level of engagement we've built up in our engineering team. We're excited for you to come build with us. While you're here, you'll get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • $150k-230k salary

  • Fully remote, with a completely optional San Francisco office

  • Health, vision, dental, and life insurance

  • 20 days PTO

  • 0.1% equity

  • Other perks including Doordash credits and stipends for wellness, cellphone, and WiFi

👨‍💻👩🏽‍💻 About the Engineering Manager Engineer

Our tech stack: React Native, ReactJS, GraphQL, Ruby/Sorbet+Sidekick+ActiveRecord, PostGreSQL, Realm as our mobile DB.

💼 The Opportunity

Because we are an early stage company there is a lot of opportunity for career growth. We’re looking to grow our engineering org to 20 this year, and with that we’ll need our managers to take on bigger roles as we scale. There’s great upside opportunity at an early stage company.

💯 We know you'll be successful if ...

  1. You are able to scope predictably and execute. At the end of the day this is going to be super important to us.

  2. Help take ownership and assignments off of Product and CTO’s hands so they can focus on bigger picture tasks.

  3. Able to jump into the coding ~20% of your time.

👨‍🚀 Your engineering leader

In this role you’ll work closely with co-founder and CTO, Artem Pasyechnyk. The engineering team is made up of top-tier engineers from Uber, Coinbase, Meta, and Heroku. We have 10 full-time engineers and seven part-time engineers, but are planning to grow the team to 35 by EOY. Everyone at the company is held to a high standard and we expect everyone to bring their A-game, starting at the top with Stacey, our CEO.

🌄 Your Background

It’s likely you’ll be a great fit for this role if you’ve done agile before, worked at a startup, and lead a team of any size. It’s important for this role that you’ve had experience shipping on time, to spec, and written tests. If you’ve successfully scoped and stuck to timelines, we’d be really excited to hear from you. We ship every two weeks here, and delivering is the most important thing.

☕ Our Application Process

To apply, you don't need to rewrite your resume, portfolio, or cover letter. Just click the link below, answer three questions about this role, and link us your experience, and we'll get back to you within five business days.

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About Canix

Learn about Canix and their company culture.

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Canix is a cannabis ERP software and seed to sale platform for cannabis companies. Serving both large commercial operations and single owner-operators, Canix provides a suite of tools for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors to operate efficiently while remaining compliant with legislative authorities. The needs of business operators today range from hand-held RFID scanning technology and bluetooth scale integration to comprehensive COGS reporting and financial data. With Canix you have complete control over you inventory and sales data for your operation.

Some of the core features include:

  • Mobile and Desktop Application

  • Inventory Management Tools

  • Sales Orders

  • Metric Integration & Compliance Tools

  • Yield Reporting

  • Bluetooth Scale Integration

  • RFID Scanner

  • Barcode Printing

  • Offline Mode

  • Integrations with Quickbooks, Leadlink, OnFleet, and other tools.

  • Financial Reporting

Developed with both management and operators in mind, Canix combines simple workflows and sophisticated automations offering modern software solutions for the cannabis industry.

Tech stack

Learn about the technology and tools that Canix uses.

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Benefits and perks

Learn about the benefits and perks that Canix provides.

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We ask everyone on our team to physically visit at least one customer when they join, and encourage regular in-person check-ins at least once every 3-6 months. We understand the power of relationships in building great products that people want.


Healthcare benefits

We provide full medical and dental coverage to all our employees (1/2 of us are Canadian, we wouldn't have it any other way).

Icons/design/feather/calendar date

Company retreats

Every 6 months, we plan a roadmapping/team retreat—Vegas and Tahoe were first on our list, and we have many more to come!

Icons/design/feather/24 hours day

Flexible working hours

No rules around hours. We only care that the work gets done and the impact is felt.

Inventory Management



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