About Bottomless

Bottomless is building the first sensor enabled marketplace for repeat purchases. To start, we are building the world’s first smart coffee subscription. This is just the beginning.

Company Culture

  • Hard work. Ambitious goals must be met with uncommon effort. We do not believe hard work stands as a barrier to a good life, but that hard work itself is inherently meaningful. We don’t believe this is how every company should run, but this is how we run.

  • Frugality. We started as a bootstrapped company and aim to continue to do more with less. Even as the “less” becomes more.

  • Take out the trash. Nobody is above any task.

  • Customer support is important. It’s the best way to understand your customers and your product.

  • Focus on what you can control. A startup cannot boil the ocean. We focus on making the world better within our sphere of influence.

  • Hustle AND intelligence. Intelligence is the direction of the vector and hustle is the magnitude. We do not choose between working smarter or harder, we try to do both.

  • Trust. Trust is earned, not granted. To build a great company, we must earn the trust of our customers one order at a time. We must also earn each other’s trust through honesty and consistency.

  • Self improvement. An exponentially growing company will outgrow its team and founders unless the team and founders are constantly improving. We hold each other accountable and keep raising the bar.

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Tech stack

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Benefits and perks

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Healthcare benefits

Healthcare benefits

Medical, dental, and vision insurance.

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