About Arc Studio

Arc Studio is a collaborative screenplay editor.

TV shows are written by teams of 5-30 people, with complex feedback and approval processes. Drafts are still managed manually, so to streamline the process, we're building a distributed version control system for television scripts. We're growing quickly; Netflix' Arcane was written in Arc Studio.

Arc Studio goes beyond industry standard formatting:
distraction-free writing, creative story-building, stress-free collaboration

Industry Standard Formatting

  • Perfect formatting, without any effort

  • Stay focused: Clean, distraction-free interface

  • Autocompletion and intuitive shortcuts

Safe & Sound

  • Automatic backups to your device and to the cloud: never lose work again!

  • Automatic revision-tracking: deleted some text that you want back? We kept it for you

  • The cloud done right: work offline or online seamlessly, and access your script from multiple devices

Tools for creative story-tellers

  • Take your screenwriting software beyond industry-standard formatting

  • Build your story structure with Arc Studio's Plot Board

  • Reference your story outline as you write, conveniently in your script

Tech stack

Learn about the technology and tools that Arc Studio uses.

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Arc Studio is hiring Senior Clojure Developer.

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