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About us

We are a group of talented individuals from different backgrounds. Through experience working together we have found that creating a cooperative delivers more value to our clients.

Our unique mix of skills allows us to have a wide offering including consultancy, design, architecture, development, operations, training, and support. We are not a digital agency, yet we deliver all the services that one would—without the overheads.


We like to deliver value with all things that we touch, so you'll most likely see us using an agile/XP-based process to achieve that. We will also work with you to figure out if there are specific needs to cover and what processes best fit the work at hand.

We do our best work on inspiring and challenging projects, and are also happy to advise on what off-the-shelf components, approaches, architecture, design patterns to use.

We can help you all the way from inception to and past delivery, starting by defining your needs and problems, coming up with a plan to solve them, executing that, and continuing to improve what was realised. We believe that strong collaboration is key throughout the partnership—we have a long experience of making clients happy.

We'll keep you updated when the best new remote jobs pop up.

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