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Oladipupo Laleye


I am a highly motivated and driven UI/UX Designer with a passion for creating beautiful designs.


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I'm looking for an opportunity to show my work and to improve on my skill, so I can be a problem solver

I am a product designer based in Lagos, Nigeria, with a passion for creating user-centered design solutions. I received my certification in UI Design from Gomycode, where I honed my skills in user research, design thinking, and prototyping.
During my time at Gomycode, I had the opportunity to present my product design project at a demo day, which was funded by the organization. I was thrilled to win first place and gain recognition for my innovative and impactful solution. It was there that I was able to meet my first client.


Nautilus logoNA

UI Design freelancer


Oct 2022 - Oct 2022 (0 months)

Designed user-centered interfaces and experiences for websites.
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of design and technology.
Created wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs using tools such as Figma.
Utilized design thinking methodologies to identify and solve user pain points.
Improved website/application performance by optimizing page speed and user engage

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