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Oluwatobi Adewuyi


Product Designer | UI/UX Designer


My name is Oluwatobi Adewuyi, I live currently in Lagos, Nigeria.

I have some background in graphic & web design before transiting to Product Design and UI/UX.

Throughout my career, I care so much about the perception of users towards my designs and without a thorough design thinking process, the product (web/app) will fail.

I’ve been part of numerous design projects, working alongside developers to deliver user-centric products. For example, when I was working at Milestone Mega, I led a project of 5 other designers to conduct UX research. Our discoveries increased the conversion rate of our business, which eventually led us to 10x our annual income.

Going forward, I hope to expand my experience across different industries, which is why I’m interested in this job.



UI/UX Designer


Developed design systems which aids in solving difficult design problems bearing in mind usability and ease.

Tech stack

Learn about the tools and technologies that Oluwatobi likes to use.

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