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Nicholas Urquidi


I'm a QA Analyst and I worked remotely for the past 9 months.

United States

My name is Nicholas Urquidi and 19 years old. I worked as a graphic designer and writer for North Ohio Wedding Magazine in 2021. As I helped published the fall 2021 magazine as I design and wrote articles. I'm also certified in Adobe Photoshop last year. Right now I work as a QA Analyst for Zen3 Infosoultions Inc.



QA Analyst

Zen3 Infosolutions

Apr 2022 - Present (2 years 1 month)

Now my current position as
a QA analyst I ensure the quality in annotations done by the labelers is up to top level and implement
their mistakes/fixes in an excel sheet. Just a few weeks I was honored with the top QA analyst of the
week for my work and exceeded the proper work.
I have covered over 2,000+ digital images, and annotations. As well as implanting all mistakes/fixes in


Graphic Designer and Writer

North Ohio Wedding Magazine

Jun 2021 - Nov 2021 (5 months)

My role as a graphic designer was to design the articles that go in the magazines in short deadlines, and I
had work with other different designers and writers to manage each article.

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