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Gurumoorty Suresh


I am Gurumoorty Suresh, an Entry Level Software Developer and Data Scientist from India.


What I'm looking for

I am looking for a job in a Company that works as a team and believes that any problem is solvable. I am looking for a passionate team that will give me enough challenges and provide me with tasks that help me to learn as an individual and grow as a community.

I am an Entry Level Software Developer and Machine Learning Engineer with a strong academic background in Electronics and Telecommunication, with a year of Research Experience in Machine Learning from IISc Bangalore. Proven ability to work with Python, Embedded Systems, RTOS, Machine Learning, Web Development and Software Development. Strong software development skills, including design, programming and scripting. Ability to debug code. Passionate about cellular technologies as well as the emerging trends in technology to make a difference. Always ready to learn new technologies and use it to solve real life problems.


Indian Institute of Science logoIS

Machine Learning Research Intern

Indian Institute of Science

Jan 2022 - Dec 2022 (11 months)

SPIRE Labs of IISc is a Research Laboratory performing research on challenges around signal processing and statistical machine learning. Here, I was assigned to Project “Asquire”. I developed a Sequential model which helps differentiating between various vowel sounds and noise. Initially I achieved an accuracy of 86% which was later improved by me by hyperparameter tuning to 92%

Tech stack

Learn about the tools and technologies that Gurumoorty likes to use.

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