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I am based in Indonesia who is open for any entry-level job! Especially interested in HR.


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Hello! I am Iman. I have a bachelor degree in Economics. An open-minded person who has a broad way of thinking and really love to work in a team. I have one and a half years experience working in banking industry, mostly in HR Department.

In my bachelor degree graduation day back in 2019, I was awarded as the Best Graduate of my faculty, the Faculty of Economics and Management at IPB University, Indonesia. During my college years, I was quite an active student. I joined some events committee, organizations, and created a social project. Also, I was one of the grantee of Superior Scholarship from Central Bank of Indonesia since my third year.


Central Bank of Indonesia logoCI

Junior Analyst

Central Bank of Indonesia

Feb 2021 - Dec 2021 (10 months)

1. Attended a three-month in-class training about the central bank.
2. Gave insights and policy recommendations about the rebranding of the Museum of Bank Indonesia during the Orientation Program in the Communication Department.
3. Joined a policy-making "Hybrid Work" Task Force during on-the-job training in Human Capital Department.

Central Bank of Indonesia logoCI

Assistant Manager Apprenticeship

Central Bank of Indonesia

Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 (2 months)

1. Made a project to analyze and give recommendations about the advisability of some potential villages to be included in Bank Indonesia's Village Empowerment Program.
2. Analyzed the feasibility of some Islamic boarding schools to be empowered in Bank Indonesia's CSR Program.
Getting involved in data processing, BI's external presentation, and the Chief's speeches.

Bank Muamalat indonesia logoBI

Human Capital Intern

Bank Muamalat indonesia

Nov 2019 - Feb 2019 (-1 years 3 months)

1. Analyzed business feasibility of BMI's business unit named Muamalat Institute.
Collected data to make an analysis about brand new Islamic Economics e-learning prototype
2. Gave policy recommendations for LTM division from BMI's employee satisfaction survey.
3. Presented an article about Human Capital transformation in front of HC employees in a sharing session

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50k-70k USD

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