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To brighten up our customers' journey - that's the purpose of our work - also in the digital department.

We are growth-helpers and men and women of action, drive and focus. We are looking for and working on cutting-edge, digital-driven ideas with disruptive potential and scalability. We don’t digitalise just to digitalise but do what’s best for our customers.

Behind our digital projects stands a highly motivated team of goal-oriented experts who lead visions to success with passion. Our mission: Highest foodvenience - whether with a view to our products, our opening hours, the purchasing process or the processes behind the scenes. We do everything we can in order to make the entire customer experience in our more than 2,700 sales outlets even more convenient, faster and flexible.

What we are working on.

Our objective is not only to observe, develop and test the opportunities offered to us by digitalisation. We also want to anticipate trends and actively contribute to shaping the digital transformation with our innovative concepts. Our current projects show just how varied the challenges are – and why it is so much fun to work at Valora in the digital department.

Want to be part of the change?

Looking to work in the areas of UI/UX, BI and analytics, technology or web and mobile app development? If so, you need search no more. We have a large number of interesting career opportunities for you.

Learn about the technology and tools that Valora Digital uses.

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Valora Digital's tech stack

Android SDK, Google Analytics, Python, Kotlin, and Go are some of the popular tools that Valora Digital uses. Learn more about the Languages & Frameworks and Analytics in Valora Digital's Tech Stack.


Application Hosting

Languages & Frameworks

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