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Tesera Systems Inc. is an agile and innovative geoinformatics, machine learning, web and cloud geoprocessing company based in Calgary, Alberta. Currently we have approximately 15 employees that primarily work from their home offices throughout western Canada and use many leading edge SaaS technologies as their means for telecommuting.

Tesera offers a wide range of services related to resource planning, analysis, information systems and environmental management. GIS and geomatics, advanced resource modeling technologies, land base inventory development and analytical services to provide superior solutions to challenging problems.

Tesera's High Resolution Inventory Solutions (HRIS) is a landscape auto-classification machine learning solution hosted in the cloud that has global application and can be applied across multiple sectors. With decades of experience in the forestry supply chain, we are selling this technology initially in forestry and exploring application in energy and agriculture.  HRIS uses a combination of remote sensing, ground sampling, along with terrain and climate data as inputs to our machine learning platform allowing us to accurately and reliably estimate landscape attributes (e.g. tree species, streams, site productivity etc.) and then deliver additional value layered on top of the inventory data. Delivery and access to this inventory and value-add products are via a SaaS web viewer. Tesera has invested $7.5M and a decade to develop HRIS with academia, government regulators, and industry in Western Canada and is now exporting the technology to Brazil.

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