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About Sqreen

Our mission? To democratise security and make the internet a safer place for everyone.

By reinventing the way we secure web applications, Sqreen makes security simple and accessible. We build modern, effective, and reliable security tools that automate application protection, threat detection, and security monitoring.

But we don’t stop there.

We believe that the key to a more secure future lies in closing the gap between developers and security teams, and in sharing information with our peers in the developer community. That’s why Sqreen is an active participant in meet ups, conferences and even open sources projects. Sounds unusual for a security vendor? That’s because it is.

Our values

  • Collective Excellence: At Sqreen, together is better. Our team is made up of talented people who, individually, are some of the best in their field. But that wouldn't get us very far without our dedication to collaboration, continuous learning and humility.

  • Simplicity: Good security is hard, but customers come to us because we understand how to make it simple. We're always working to eliminate unnecessary complexity in our product, documentation, and processes.

  • Boldness: Creating a new category requires making big bets. We challenge each other daily to be bold and learn from each decision so we can deliver the best security product on the market.

Learn about the technology and tools that Sqreen uses.

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Sqreen's tech stack

Amazon EC2, GitHub, Docker Compose, Amazon EC2 Container Service, and Jenkins are some of the popular tools that Sqreen uses. Learn more about the Application Hosting and Development in Sqreen's Tech Stack.


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