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We give shape to your qualitative data, making it simple to discover and understand your data's meaning.

About Relevance AI

We give shape to your qualitative data, making it simple to discover and understand your data's meaning.

Our vision is to give shape to the world’s qualitative data, making it simple to discover and understand.

80% of data is qualitative, in the form of text, images, audio or video.

Using the power of AI vectors, we can reveal the semantics of qualitative data with minimal labelling or training, making it easier and more affordable for businesses of any size.

Our AI-first semantic search product enables any business to have Google-like search functionality on their website, app or enterprise software solution without the need to code or configure.

That's just one small but powerful application of what our tech can do. Talk to us about what we can do together to unlock the value of your qualitative data.

What we do

Relevance AI is a machine learning SaaS startup building a platform to help companies and developers leverage machine learning vectors to extract business value from qualitative data such as text, images, audio, pdfs, etc. This involves managing the lifecycle of vectors such as creating, storing, evaluating, searching and analysing them.

80% of business data is qualitative and unstructured. Top companies like Spotify, TikTok, Google utilise qualitative data to create the most personalised and successful products. We want to democratise the access of that 80% for businesses to build the most powerful applications such as NLP Search, Visual Recommendations and help decision makers get a 360 view of their data.

Tech stack

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Relevance AI is hiring Machine Learning Engineer (Fast Inference), Sales Development Representative, and more.

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Relevance AI logo
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Relevance AI logo
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