Welcome to Relativity Space, where we're rewriting the rules of rocketry.

About Relativity

Welcome to Relativity Space, where we're rewriting the rules of rocketry. Our groundbreaking approach revolutionizes the process from design to flight, harnessing the power of additive manufacturing. We have built and launched the world’s first 3D printed rocket, Terran 1, and are now bringing to market Terran R, our reusable medium-to-heavy-lift launch vehicle.

As a customer-centric rocket company, our focus is clear: provide exceptional launch services that are highly competitive in the market. By embracing the potential of additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and autonomous robotics, we are able to design and manufacture cost-effective, high-performance, reliable, and reusable rockets. With a vertically integrated technology platform, we iterate at an unprecedented pace and scale – allowing us to push the boundaries of what's possible today and unlock the full potential of 3D printing for tomorrow.

A Vision Beyond Earth: The Journey to Mars

We believe in a future where interplanetary life expands the possibilities for human experience, maximizing our potential as a species. At Relativity Space, we have the long-term goal of creating humanity’s industrial base on Mars.

The first chapter of that journey begins right here on Earth – designing, printing, and flying rockets that leverage the best of 3D printing technology. Through leading-edge additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and autonomous robotics, our approach is shaping the future of space exploration. We are redefining the limits of what is possible and are building toward an interplanetary society between Earth and Mars. The next chapter begins now.

Along for the Journey: Our Customers and Partners

Telecommunications infrastructure increasingly needs to move from Earth to Space. This has created a wave of ever-growing demand that simply cannot be satiated by current launch provider supply. At Relativity, we saw this market gap and set out to design a customer-centric rocket to meet demand. Developed for reuse, Terran R will deliver high-volume performance and reliability, with lower costs and shorter time to market. We have pre-sold launch service agreements with government and commercial customers totaling more than $1.8 billion – a testament to our unique approach. And we’re not alone on this journey; we proudly partner with America’s leading aerospace and innovation agencies to bring launch capabilities to market in record time.

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