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It’s a unique moment in the history of healthcare. The latest treatments and pharmaceuticals constantly offer new options to patients. Technologies that change the way people are cared for launch almost daily. There’s so much potential—but also so much complexity. Capturing the opportunity in this moment in healthcare requires an expert and focused consulting partner. Mavens understands the industry as well as its customers and shares their vision. 
Mavens’ mission is to connect people with cures.
Our consultants are technology experts with a long history of crafting innovative cloud-based solutions. We've helped some of the world’s biggest life science companies develop new ways to monitor, market, and deliver their products. We've helped them build connections with doctors and patients through tools like iPhone apps and web portals.  We've created a unique way of collaborating that lets customers see and test solutions from the first day of an engagement. And we've done all this with a team much, much smaller than our competition.
Our extraordinary consultants make this happen and make Mavens a great place to work. Every member of the team is an expert in the industry and is certified in the specific technologies our customers use.  We work with empathy and craftsmanship, defined by core values that guide our decision making and daily choices. In the same way, we seek excellence in the work that we do, we strive to be the best place to work.
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