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    All-in-one liquidity pool analytics and yield farming rewards tracking tool.Our goal is to be the Bloomberg for liquidity providers for the DeFi space. We believe that providing liquidity on AMMs is new but is here to stay, and we want to build the tools and analytics that will give actionable insights to the liquidity providers that we serve. We have worked with various DeFi projects in the space such as Uniswap, Balancer, Quickswap, Polygon, Fantom, Harvest Finance, Index Coop, Coingecko and we will continue building relationships to establish ourselves as the tool of choice for Liquidity Providers.We have received grants from major players in the DeFi space – projects such as Uniswap, The Graph and Gitcoin have all donated to APY Vision to help our cause of bringing the next 100 million users to liquidity providing.We help our users track over $7 Billion USD.

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    Machinio is a global search engine for finding used machinery and equipment. Our comprehensive database contains more active machinery listings than any other website. is our new all-in-one business software solution providing website creation/hosting, CRM, and email marketing all under the same roof! Over 650,000 interested machinery buyers from 190 countries visit each month, making us the #1 online resource for finding machinery.

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