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    Futurehome is an IoT company dedicated to creating simpler, safer and smarter homes. Our mission is to improve how people experience everyday life by creating an accessible, safe, and smart way of living.As a team of geeks, we use our skills to make a smarter, safer, interconnected planet. We simplify making our homes smart by creating an IoT infrastructure that enables products to work seamlessly together and build services on top.

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    Icons/design/feather/2 layers

    22 tech stacks


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    Since 1987, we have delivered CAN devices and connectivity solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. The world’s most respected industrial equipment companies rely on Proemion, to design and build top-notch telematics solutions that enhance performance and safety. All our products are manufactured under the strictest standards in our high-tech facility in Germany. We use the latest Big Data technologies to process, analyze, and serve billions of data points through our APIs and web portal.

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