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    Let’s create the home that's right for you. Designed with you. Built with Atmos. Atmos is making building a custom home as simple as buying one. By building technology to optimize the design process for homebuyers and the build process for homebuilders, our 6-9 month timeline is comparable to the traditional buying process given the current housing market. Now's your chance to build exactly what you want!

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    Shape is the digital backbone of a construction organization. Manage and solve site blockers faster, be connected with live project updates, and effortlessly generate project records. As construction people, we’ve experienced all the problems that people face on chaotic projects. We’ve seen crappy tools making people’s lives harder. Our tools are built for you. We are leading the way in the digitization of a very under-served industry.

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    Sibi simplifies the process of building and improving a property by connecting manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners directly on one platform.

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    Bringing engineering teams, design and calculations together. Engineers want to optimize their calculations to produce the most efficient designs possible. CalcTree is a platform to help them succeed. We let engineers transform tools they already love into intelligent, trusted calculations. Allowing teams to work more efficiently and consistently without leaving their comfort zones. Engineers make repetitive calculations daily.

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