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About us

Mailprotector’s parent company, Virtual Connect Technologies, was founded primarily as a website development company. At that time we had developed a couple of intranet sites whose users were fed up with spam, viruses, and the whole lot of issues that come with an unprotected email system. So we rolled up our sleeves and set ourselves to work, and soon we had engineered a basic email filtering system that worked beautifully for our customers.

Mailprotector for everyone

Our system worked so well that we decided that we might be able to share it with others. So we re-tooled our system to work as a managed service, added a ton of new and useful features, called it “Mailprotector” and put up a website for it. Soon people started giving Mailprotector a try, then they raved about it to their friends, and before we knew it we were protecting the email of tens of thousands of users and processing millions of messages each day.

Partner focus

In the years since those early days, we’ve continued to improve the quality of our products and responsiveness of our service, as we adapt to the ever changing climate of email security.

We’ve also changed how we distribute our products. Today Mailprotector is available exclusively through our amazing Partner resellers. We love what we do and are so excited to be serving the partner community with email products that make their job easier and give them peace of mind on a daily basis. Don’t get us wrong, we’re proud of our roots, but this is way more fun than building websites!

About Mailprotector

Mailprotector is a pioneer the managed email security industry. We empower MSPs with a full arsenal of Cloud-based email security, management and hosting services, not to mention our cutting-edge Bracket email data encryption.

Mailprotector is sold exclusively through the channel and supports thousands of businesses, government entities and non-profits around the globe. Our mission is making products that simply work without any fuss, and does so for an affordable price. The Mailprotector design and development team is constantly refining those systems to make everything work better, faster, and more intuitively  ̶  for our partners and their clients.

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