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About us

HeroX enables any organization to solve any challenge in any field, using the power of the crowd. On our Challenge Platform, sponsoring organizations or individuals post the work or solutions they seek as an open call, adding guidelines and a prize. 

Solvers from the crowd then self-select their participation and submit their work. The sponsoring organization selects the top entries and awards the prize.

We have proven our challenge model on a wide scale - from small to large dollar value, and across a wide range of industries and topics. We act as the “everything” crowdsourcing marketplace, just like Amazon is the “everything” store.

We excel in the intersection of crowdfunding, competitions and collaboration to drive open innovation in any organization.

Drawing upon 17 years of the XPRIZE Foundation experience and best practices, HeroX is the platform for funded prizes for groundbreaking challenges.

We specialize in helping companies and organizations to innovate on their biggest problems and challenges by connecting them with specialized crowds that wouldn’t be available for them otherwise.

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