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Smart energy management in the cloud. Low cost, no touch, instant payback

Gridium's core data platform automatically aggregates energy interval data, billing data, weather history data, and weather forecast data to power a rich set of analytic services. All products are web-based SaaS offerings.

Snapmeter is a demand forecasting and fault diagnostics service that helps building managers diagnose equipment and scheduling issues, as well as better manage energy use on peak days. Snapmeter has been deployed to over 100m square feet of commercial real estate in California, with typical bill savings in the range of 2-4%.

Billcast provides a rolling energy forecast and budget to improve planning and financial control. Billcast's groundbreaking variance analysis features help building managers understand not just how much their energy use is changing from year to year, but why.

Our retrocommisioning product uses whole-building analytics to reduce the cost of on-site audits, allowing engineering services firms to reach a wider customer base.

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