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Gower Street Analytics is an ambitious project to measurably improve the efficiency of the global theatrical market through advanced data science and real-time movie, television, and VOD viewership profile information..  We're partnering with exhibitors, distributors, and key players to make film releases more accessible to their audiences.

Navigate an ever-changing market to maximize your film’s potential with our box office prediction platform FORECAST, regularly updated industry reports, and expert in-house analysis.

Gower Street is transforming the movie business with the latest technology to help the industry better understand the past to make informed decisions in the present and maximize future potential.

Gower Street Analytics is a leading global film tech company founded in 2015. Partnered with Comscore, Gower Street enables the film industry to best utilize global theatrical market data to maximize business potential through the company’s proprietary Forecast system and in-house analysis from film, insights and data science teams.

With analysts operating in seven countries, Gower Street’s staff boasts a collective experience of over 400 years in film and 150 years in tech. Many have a studio-based background with the team including former Universal, Paramount, Fox and Warner Bros employees as well as others from independent distribution and exhibition companies.

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