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Powering insight-driven decisions and growth with world-leading speech recognition for businesses.

In 2015, influenced by their backgrounds in particle physics, founders Dr. Scott Stephenson and Noah Shutty used Applied AI techniques to search and find specific moments buried within large amounts of recorded audio. After building a speech analysis platform unlike anything currently available in commercial markets, they set out to build the speech company for the future.

Since being backed by YCombinator — an incubator that’s invested in companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe — Deepgram, with its team of PhDs, engineers, and world-class AI scientists, released the world’s first deep learning based speech recognition in Fall 2017. Deepgram has since developed Dedicated Speech Models to bring companies unparalleled gains in accuracy and speech understanding capabilities in addition to being backed by NVIDIA and signing key enterprise customers.

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